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To my dear patients,

I am retiring July 1, 2021.  I have enjoyed working with you and I will miss seeing you, but I look forward to beginning retirement after 38 years of practicing psychiatry.

I am happy to tell you that Benjamin D. Stephens, M.D. will be taking over my psychiatry practice.  

Dr. Stephens finished his psychiatry residency at the University of Virginia School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences.  
He completed his postgraduate studies at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.  

Dr. Stephens and I are working together to make a smooth transition for everyone.  He will do an excellent job of providing your ongoing psychiatric care.

If you have questions or concerns, we can discuss these at your next appointment.


E. Virginia Bayliss, M.D., DLFAPA


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