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E. Virginia Bayliss  M.D.


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  Dr.Bayliss has a 24 year history of effective, caring therapy for people of all ages.  Her practice is conveniently located in Charlottesville, Virginia.  She
will be glad to set a time to talk, discuss your goals, and set up an appropriate schedule of confidential sessions.

 Dr. Bayliss' office is in the Pantops section of Charlottesville.  Access is at street level.  There are no stairs to deal with.  And there is ample parking right at the door. 

E. Virginia Bayliss, M.D., D.F.A.P.A.
154 Hansen Road, Suite 103
Charlottesville, Virginia 22911

Telephone: 1-434-602-1477

Billing Office: 1-434-602-1455

Fax:  1-434-296-1195

NOTE:  We have been informed that calling from some exchanges or certain cell phones, you may need to include the "1" at the start of the numbers above.  Our apologies for the inconvience.)



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